Big Loaf Corp.

Big Loaf Corp bakes Tramezzino Bread in the US using the traditional Italian recipe and premium quality ingredients. Available white and wheat bread. It comes in two sizes and three different thickness.


Tramezzino bread has four major advantages overall:

Speed: It comes in such large crust-less slices, can be dressed with ingredients and cut into multiple sandwiches at once, saving time, money, and work. Hundreds of sandwiches can be made in half the time or less comparing to conventional bread.

Presentation: We offer thinnest and the thickest slice of bread. Simple and versatile, in addition, it can be cut, rolled, spread, decorated into amazing shapes, sizes, and flavors. It can be served plain or toasted. Its soft texture and subtle flavor will perfectly support different creative dishes. Mostly used for sandwiches, french canapés, spanish tapas, wraps, and pinwheels.

Flavor: The filling ingredients stand out like no other sandwich or appetizers. This bread has no crust, the first bite goes straight to sandwich fllings.

Healthy: At 3/8 or 3/4 inch thickness, this bread is best the possible way to build sandwiches or different dishes with less bread.

Tramezzino Bread is completely unique! Click in products link for further details.